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Private Label : Turning the Retail Brand Threat Into Your Biggest Opportunity

Private Label : Turning the Retail Brand Threat Into Your Biggest Opportunity

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The rise of Private Label products (those owned, sold and distributed by retailers) is one of the most striking retail success stories of the last decade. Private Label has been growing at twice the rate of famous brands over the last ten years and the Private Label industry is worth an estimated US$l trillion. Private Label is a powerful and compelling new book on the-dangers and the opportunities posed by the rapid growth of retail brands. Debunking myths and exposing the implications of this phenomenon, Private Label encourages brand managers to view this not as a threat, but as an opportunity to revitalize their brands and reinvent themselves. Moreover, Private Label also suggests ways retailers can maximize the potential of their own private labels and truly innovate their offerings. The authors have developed a pro-gramme based on ten principles to help senior management from brand manufacturers and retailers specifically identify these opportunities and deal with this growing issue more effectively. Using research data from a range of global sources, as well as a multi-country research survey from Saatchi and Saatchi X, Private Label is a timely attempt to shed light on the world of Private Label and its impact on global markets. Nearly everybody buys Private Label goods. Of every US$100 spent around the world, US$17 is spent on Private Label and the industry is worth an estimated US$1 trillion. Private Label growth is out pacing that of manufacturer brands, and viewed as a whole. Private Label is the biggest "brand" in the world. In fact, sales of Wal-Mart?s private brands are worth more than Unilever?s, PepsiCo?s and Coca-Cola?s brands put together. If you are a brand manufacturer competing for shelf space that is a daunting prospect, and even retailers need to learn to deal with this phenomenon effectively. Private Label is a gripping and persuasive study of this retail sensation. Based on exclusive worldwide research by Saatchi & Saatchi X it encourages brand owners to see the Private Label? problem as a genuine business opportunity that will inspire them to really innovate. This book is for retailers too, as Private Label is also a challenge for them and they need to control it profitably without damaging their own business. The way forward, as a key player has noted, is cooperation: "It is not necessarily a threat. It?s a challenge and an opportunity." (Swedish Marketing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi X Study). To help both brand owners and retailers rise to this challenge, the authors have developed a unique ten-principle prog-ramme based on the following: facts and myths that surround Private Label - what it is and how it will affect you; issues that are directly relevant to your business; opportunities for brand owners; opportunities open to retailers; implications for the future - how we can all win by working together. Punchy and provocative, Private Label encourages both brands and retailers to reinvent themselves continually through shopper insight, leveraging mega-trends, deeper brand involvement and value innovations. In doing so, they can add value too.