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It's Okay To Be Scared - But Never Give Up

It's Okay To Be Scared - But Never Give Up

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Each of us faces challenges in life and in business, some challenges more severe and fear-inducing than others. The knowledge that you are not alone can be a tremendous comfort. In addition, the stories of others who have persevered and overcome great odds can help you surmount or avoid entirely similar obstacles. Those stories may also prove to be inspirational, even transformational. That s why this book was written. Marketing and business-building experts Martin Howey and Jim Palmer have come together to share with you their true stories of overcoming significant, even immobilizing challenges in life and business. And not only theirs. They have interviewed a dream team of highly successful entrepreneurs each one sharing his or her story of overcoming a significant challenge. They also reveal some incredible nuggets of wisdom on how to make your life and business more prosperous and enjoyable. Prepare to be motivated, inspired, more hopeful, and perhaps even transformed! Purchasers of this book will receive the full audio recordings and several valuable bonuses for free. Download link is in the book!