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Restaurant Marketing in the New Economy

Restaurant Marketing in the New Economy

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If you are a restaurant owner, thinking of becoming a restaurant owner, or have a restaurant owner close to you, you need to read this book NOW! No matter how good your food is, or how great your location is, all your efforts will be in vain without a steady stream of customers...If you want consumers to find out about the restaurant you have created in today's economy... you need Rory Fatt on your side. - David Adjey of Food Network. In this book Rory doesn't hold back. Get ready to discover: - Rory's Simple 3 Step Business Building Formula that will help you get more customers, get them back over and over, and spending more when they do! - Discover what some of the most successful restaurant owners have in common which allows them to grow and profit rapidly even in this down economy. (This one take-away could be that revelation that allows you to do the same!) - Learn the Top 8 Restaurant Marketing Myths, Mistakes & Blunders that will have the biggest impact on the future profitability and stability of a restaurant. (these could be the very things that will determine if you make it through these challenging times). - How to SYSTEMIZE Marketing for Measurable Results (no more guessing if your marketing is working the way you think it is!) - Discover the ONE THING you are NOT doing right now that is closing the door shut on repeat business and costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. - Cut the fat and waste out of marketing your business forever! - In Chapter 11, Rory reveals the simple steps to creating, building and communicating with your list for optimal profit. - Read 6 REAL Restaurant Success Stories, discover what they did, and how they did it, including actual samples of their marketing campaigns. - How to start working on your restaurant and less in it, so you too can experience more time with family, friends, and finally ENJOY LIFE instead of having a business that keeps you from it. It doesn't matter if you are a Small Town, Big City, One Location or Multiple Location establishment, you can EXPLODE your Profits in the next year. This book is the tool to help you achieve ALL of this, and more.