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SOLD: Don't Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness

SOLD: Don't Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness

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"Sold: Don't Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness" will teach you how to handle the tricks marketers use to convince you to buy products you don't need.The marketing techniques used by businesses to sell their products often appeal to emotional weaknesses and the natural desire for happiness. Consumers of all backgrounds are fooled into making poor buying choices, which often lead to undesirable financial situations.The billions of dollars spent on advertising, marketing research, and sales training provide a tremendous advantage to marketers and leave you, the consumer, vulnerable."Sold: Don't Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness" helps to level the marketing playing field for consumers of all backgrounds.You will learn:- How to become smarter about spending and buying- 38 marketing techniques used to sell you products and services- How to deal with salespeople, advertisements, and marketing gimmicks- How to buy using the seven steps of the Consumer Buying Process- Why marketing that appeals to emotions works- The connection between marketing techniques and the Seven Deadly Sins- How to identify the types of purchases that can contribute to lasting happinessThis book is for any person - regardless of age, education, or financial background - who wants to avoid the consequences of unwise purchases.This book is also a useful tool for young adults, recent graduates, couples, families with children of all ages, and anyone trying to save for retirement, college, or a major purchase (such as a house or car).Published by Blackburn Point Press, LLCBlackburnPointPress.comdontgopoor.com