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Delight!: READ Model to Design Remarkable Services

Delight!: READ Model to Design Remarkable Services

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The most important aspect for developing new ideas about services and subsequently designing it requires a proper methodology, which is generally simple but effective. Every successful company has their set of methods to design the services but the fundamental ideas remain same. This book tries to reveal the effective but simple methodology of designing the great services. The methodology discussed in the book has four segments and is called READ Technique. READ stands for Research, Experience, Analyze and Discover. ‘Research segment’ focuses on capturing and analyzing the information available in the market, ‘Experience segment’ focuses on checking out the views and ideas generated, ‘Analyze Segment’ focuses on observing the aspects for service and ‘Discover Segment’ focuses on surveys and interviews. Each of the four segments has several devices and methods specified in this work which would help the professionals in designing great and winning services. To design a great service the designers need to focus on a specific area of the design process. The specified segments and devices in the book would serve the designers by focusing their attention to each area of the design process. Each device described in the book briefly describes it, specifies its importance & value, explain the way to use it and supported by an example to describe it. To contrast the available books on service design methods, we have kept this book extremely simple. The specified devices can be used by any person looking to design services. The simplicity of the devices is evident from the fact that even a layperson, with no knowledge about service design, can understand and use these devices. The services are differentiated by their value proposition, quality of delivery and features. A great design of service evolves mainly from the attitude and culture of the organization rather than any technical expertise.