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7 Figure Marketing Blueprint: Module 3: Local vs National vs Enterprise (Volume 3)

7 Figure Marketing Blueprint: Module 3: Local vs National vs Enterprise (Volume 3)

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In Module 3: Local vs National vs Enterprise, we give you all of the information you need to make a determination about which market your business must target, and others that might be lucrative that you may want to target in the future. As part of the knowledge you’ll receive in the different types of markets, we’ll take you step-by-step through creating a marketing plan for each one. Local Marketing • Learn the top 10 main local listings you need to add your business to now. • Find out how to do on-site search engine optimization. • Know how to use blogs to engage your customers and create a buzz about your business. • Understand the fastest growing social media network – Pinterest. • Delve into video marketing by learning how effective it can be to your business’ success. • Understand why mobile sites are so important right now. • Realize the importance of content marketing and guest blogging. National Marketing • When it comes to targeting the nation, guest posts can bring people from all over the country to your website. • Learn how links to links is the best way to boost your site’s authority. • Understanding how press releases work and how to write them to captivate news websites and prospective customers. • Know why commenting on other people’s blogs are what can bring your website traffic. • Learn all about social media marketing, so you can finally join the circle. • Find out how to implement video marketing into your business. • Learn the secrets to offsetting competitor links. • Know which directory listings are best to add your website to, and which ones are not worth your time. Enterprise Marketing • Find out how to optimize your site, so Google ranks it on the first page. • Know how to guest post on other people’s blogs, and which blogs you should guest post on. • Find out how links to links works, and what it could do to your business’ ranking. • Understand how to write premium press releases, and what to do with them after you’ve written them. • Know how to comment on blogs that will generate the most attention to your website and boost your search engine ranking. • Learn how the online world is shifting to mobile and how to develop a marketing plan to go along with that. • Get the tips on how to do all of your marketing on a medium size budget. • Understand authority sites, and how to make yours one. • Learn about the best lead generation concepts such as lead magnet, follow up sequence emails, opt-in forms, and much more. You have started your business online, and you are getting some traffic and customers, but are you getting the amount of traffic and customers you’d always imagined? It’s likely you aren’t, and for that reason, it’s time to take the next step – target your market with a superior marketing plan. Your investment in this module will be returned to you not only in the near future, but many times over for many years to come. As you adjust your marketing plan according to the changing markets, you’ll find yourself returning to the guidance this module provides. Stop trying to piece together a marketing plan by reading hundreds of websites. Take this opportunity to find everything you need to figure out your target market and how to market them. Buy the module that can take your business from small to large in just a few steps!