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The Ultimate How To Book To Explode Your Restaurant Profits!

The Ultimate How To Book To Explode Your Restaurant Profits!

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The wait is over! If you ve been struggling in your restaurant and you re the last person to get paid...Well I have some Good News! My name is Amir Karkouti and like you, I own and operate restaurants each and every day! My restaurants were almost bankrupt and I couldn t live like this anymore! I had enough and took matters into my own hands. After years of struggling, I finally discovered the only way to market my restaurant to become ultra-successful! In this book I share everything with you! In this Book You ll Discover: A turn-key email marketing tool I use that brought floods of customers to y store...with only a click of a button! How to get the same customer back into your store 4 TIMES in two weeks! Imagine having that power with all of your customers. That's 4 TIMES the Profits! How to Instantly get new customers to your door & have them coming back again! All you need to do is add _________________! How to not just be a restaurant owner but the Marketer of your Restaurant! Whether you decide to market your restaurant or give it to someone else...You ll know exactly what to do to have a successful marketing piece! One Secret Weapon I use that can increase your marketing response by 300%! And that s just the beginning...