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The Savvy Salesperson

The Savvy Salesperson

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The Savvy Salesperson is a different type of sales book that goes beyond the generalities in the most sales books and instead provides advice that will help you make the right decisions and sell like a seasoned pro. I wrote the Savvy Salesperson to bridge many of the selling techniques you have learned with sound implementation strategies to close more sales. The Savvy Salesperson is not just for the salesperson but anyone who interacts with customers such as small business owners or account managers who see a list of assigned accounts Here are some of the exciting ideas you will learn about, *Ten points to becoming more adept at probing and gathering information. This section will go into intricate detail about strategies to improve your probing skills by using a strategy for your questions. *How to earn the respect of your accounts and increase your business with specific strategies. Ten pitfalls to avoid! *How to manage your accounts-new or established and fight off competitive threats. Learn new ideas that will help you preserve your hard earned customers and eliminate turnover. *How to play defense and keep your hard earned sales from being taken by your competition. *Strategies to help direct your sales and marketing. *Three questions to ask your new customers. *Learn specific time management techniques and routing ideas that provide immediate returns! Learn that working logistically may actually be hurting your sales efforts. *A winning formula to structure your day and week if you have a set of assigned accounts. Selling is more than just making more calls or a great close you learned at a sales meeting. Selling can be like chess game in which sound strategy and preparation thumps the unprepared! By implementing the ideas that are in this book you will increase your sales and be a Savvy Salesperson.