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YouTube Guidebook: Video Marketing for Businesses, Entrepreurs, and Internet Stars (2012 Version)

YouTube Guidebook: Video Marketing for Businesses, Entrepreurs, and Internet Stars (2012 Version)

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*UPDATE* A new version of this book is now available called the YouTube Marketing Manual. It is fully updated for 2013. Do you desire to get ahead of your business competition? Are you an entrepreneur looking for a cheap marketing option that could help your business venture immensely? Do you see YouTube stars with millions of followers and want to be just like them? Fully updated for 2012, this video marketing book provides information on the most recent updates YouTube has made. This includes: • How to use the new homepage on YouTube • Updated tag strategies • How to use the new channel layout • How to use YouTube Analytics • New keyword search strategies • New marketing techniques • New social strategies - No more friends!? • Much more The YouTube Guidebook tells you the exact steps it takes to master YouTube. This book provides you step-by-step instruction on how to ramp up your marketing using videos. No matter how proficient you are with YouTube, there’s always more to learn. And this book has that info! A few of the lessons provided in this book include: • How to brand yourself • How to get better search engine positioning with videos • How to upload and optimize for YouTube rankings • How to optimize and maximize your YouTube channel • How to search for popular videos and what to do with them • How to find trends and use them to boost views • How to find the next upcoming viral videos • How to use these tips to promote your business • What equipment you should use • Discover new demographics • Step-by-step instruction • Much, much, more IF YOU ONLY BUY 1 VIDEO MARKETING BOOK THIS YEAR, well, Greg Jarboe's book ' YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day' is very good... HOWEVER! What's missing in that book, you'll find in this one. The YouTube Guidebook is a fantastic companion to that book as well as a great standalone resource on video marketing too. Video Marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing industries in online business and advertising today. With little more than a camera and a microphone, anybody can use the power of the Internet to be seen and heard. Businesses, individuals, groups, kids, moms, and dogs. Everybody is doing it, and making money at the same time. YouTube is still in its infant stage, get in and get started now with video marketing.