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It's More than Wine and Meatballs: The secrets to more Effective Networking and Growing through Referrals

It's More than Wine and Meatballs: The secrets to more Effective Networking and Growing through Referrals

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In the 1980’s Chambers of Commerce would hold evening events and serve food and drinks. The sales people of many different companies would attend for the free food and drinks. These events were known as “Wine and Meatball Events”. These events have evolved into the networking events we know today. They play a big part in how we grow our business and community today. It’s More Than Wine and Meatballs The secrets to more Effective Networking and Growing through Referrals - By Janice Jordan Would you like to leave a networking event with 5 contacts instead of 30 business cards? Networking is an important part of marketing any type of business these days. It is all about the relationships we build, giving and getting referrals and great customer service. This book is a must have business tool for anybody. Whether you are starting out, just left corporate America or have been in business along time. You will learn the where, when and how to get in front of your ideal client and more. The Author Janice Jordan has many years of experience networking and teaching networking and has perfected many ways to be more effective. This means getting results. You will get tools, worksheets, and tracking tools you can put to use right away. Networking isn’t just for business Janice shows you how to make this a life practice. Here is a few bullet points of what you can gain by owning this book • Identify your ideal client and where to find them and how to get in front of them • Master ASK – Always Sell Kindly. How to ask for the referral and the business without being pushy of salesy • Increase visibility through the adaptable introduction and the referral • Expand your Customer base through referrals • Develop time management, follow skills and tracking tools Recommendations for “It’s More Than Wine and Meatballs”: Finally, a book that tells you not only how to network; it also explains the etiquette and strategy behind networking. This book is easy to read and will help business owners and sales reps approach networking the right way. More importantly, it teaches you how to be your authentic self, comfortable and confident in any networking arena. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is hesitant about networking! -Natalie Conrad -- Professional Organizer and Speaker -- Chico, CA Had I of learned to network successfully early on in my internet marketing career my profits would have skyrocketed. Yes you can certainly make money sitting behind your computer BUT proper networking can explode your earnings. It’s More Than Wine and Meatballs is the perfect blueprint to help you get more customers and clients as well as dramatically increase your profits. In chapter 5 I discovered that at times I can be the ______ player as well as the ________ crier! This chapter alone is worth the price of this “The Networking Queen's” guide. It is truly a treasure trove of networking tips & tools to this guide will help you zero in with laser precision on how to becoming a true master of networking! -Jim Lodwig -- Target1Marketing.com -- Las Vegas NV Janice Jordan deserves a lot of credit for the growth of MR QuickBooks. Her classes and coaching gave me the tools to grow my business using Networking effectively. I was privileged to read “It’s more than Wine and Meatballs”. The book is a great introduction to Networking with step by step instructions and practical exercises -Michael Row – MR QuickBooks -- Sacramento CA