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Strategic Brand Management: Creating and Sustaining Brand Equity Long Term

Strategic Brand Management: Creating and Sustaining Brand Equity Long Term

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The first edition of Strategic Brand Management was published in 1992 to great critical acclaim. The new edition has been rewritten and thoroughly revised to bring readers absolutely up-to-date with the dramatic changes that have taken place in brand management around the world. Distributors own brands, the Europeanization of brands and the importance of brands on the balance sheet are just some of the recent developments discussed in detail here. Strategic Brand Management deals with the concept and practice of brand management in its totality. The new edition is packed with fresh examples and case studies of brands from throughout the world, and pays particular attention to the development of global brands. Three new chapters have been included which concentrate on the life span of brands by looking at: the sources of challenges to brand equity; factors which dictate a brand s life expectancy; and revitalization strategies for declining brands. More attention is now given to multi-brand strategies and there is new chapter on the growing practice of merging brands. Given the increasing attention paid to brands by the business to business sector, the service sector and producer of luxury goods, much more reference is made to these markets. The second edition of Strategic Brand Management will not disappoint followers of Jean-Noel Kapferer s unique style of exhaustive analysis and expert commentary. Anyone wanting a through understanding of the new rules of brand management and how to put them into practice will find this latest edition a unique source of inspiration and original thought.