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Marketing Stripped Bare

Marketing Stripped Bare

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Marketing is a big subject. It s complex and often misunderstood. If we accept that every organization has customers or clients a public to serve then there has to be marketing. Without marketing your public won t be aware of your service or products and you won t have a market. Without a market you won t have a business. For those of us who aren t privy to the intriguing and baffling world of marketing, Patrick Forsyth exposes its inner workings in this enlightening and entertaining guide. Marketing Stripped Bare is unlike other books that promise to explain the marketing process. You won t find dry theoretical models here. Nor will you be bamboozled with trendy business-speak. And it will put any misconceptions firmly to rights. You ll realize that marketing isn t the sole preserve of the creative, lateral-thinking mavericks, nor of the number-crunching IT brigade.