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Corporate Reputation, the Brand & the Bottom Line (3rd Edition)

Corporate Reputation, the Brand & the Bottom Line (3rd Edition)

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All organizations must manage their reputation. This can only be done through understanding the needs and concerns of all the stakeholders, then developing and promoting policies that will win goodwill and support across these vital "publics". Investment in corporate reputation initiatives can reap major financial rewards but failure to address the key issues can be painful and expensive as this practical guide demonstrates. Corporate Reputation, the Brand and the Bottom Line uses many global case studies and the viewpoints of top executives to provide constructive guidance on how to build a successful corporate reputation. Real-life disasters are featured, as are examples of companies where outstanding public relations policies have been implemented. The author gives practical advice on how to set performance objectives, measure the effectiveness of reputation management, win favourable media coverage, control the cost of a programme, and maximize goodwill while minimizing risks. In a clear, informative style, he also explores relevant and timely issues such as recruitment, personal skills, board policy, communication skills and public affairs. The underlying message throughout is that reputation management can enhance both the short- and long-term performance of a company.