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Licking Your Elbow: Cures for Craziness at Work

Licking Your Elbow: Cures for Craziness at Work

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As advertised, this book is about cures for craziness at work. Most people cannot lick their elbow. Truth be told, it is a crazy idea. However, the good thing about trying to lick your elbow is that it is so crazy, even those who try it quickly abandon the idea and move on to more productive uses of their time and energy. A lot of things people try to do at work are just as unproductive as trying to lick their elbow - but people keep on trying to do them anyhow. For example, overloading a workday will not work, excessive multitasking will not work, focusing on low-value activities while ignoring things that really matter will not work. That is what this book is about. Simple, easy-to-try cures for many of the crazy things that happen at work.