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Фаберже / Faberge: Treasures from the Kremlin

Фаберже / Faberge: Treasures from the Kremlin

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More than eighty years after the murder of Russia's last royal family, their lifestyle continues to enthrall us. In this exhibition we seek to examine that final golden age of Imperial Russia through the masterworks of Peter Carl Faberge. He combined craft and design to create objects so splendid that they continue to capture the imagination of the entire world, while giving us a dear window into that extravagant era.
Looking at these Faberge treasures, one is struck with the overwhelming sense that these precious things could never have been created in today's society. It is not because the technology is now lacking, but rather the will to fabricate objects of the utmost beauty and perfection by hand - objects whose extreme refinement serves no purpose oilier than lo reflect the exceptional nature of imperial life. Along with his famous objets de fantaisie, Faberge created tens of thousand of pieces that were both decorative and functional.This exhibition conveys the complete range by including jewelry, silver, desk accessories, and cigarette cases, as well as several examples of the master's rare liturgical works.
We arc indebted and kindly offer thanks to our lenders for making this undertaking possible. Russian Minister of Culture Mikhail Shvydkoi provided great assistance to the project. At the Moscow Kremlin.