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The Crafty Entrepreneur: Your guide to selling artwork and crafts online

The Crafty Entrepreneur: Your guide to selling artwork and crafts online

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You are creative. You make amazing things. Turn your passion for art, crafts, photography or design into a creative business.. online! This book covers all the essentials of starting a business and selling crafts online written for creative people with clear action steps and specific recommendations. Included is a special offer for BONUS: two months free premium membership to Originl.com to kickstart your creative business and sell online. Topics include: naming your business defining your mission creating a business plan deciding on the legal structure refining your product pricing and financial planning filing trademarks, copyrights and patents marketing your brand selling and promotion online creating a website, blog and e-store building relationships through social media selling art online sell crafts online and growing your business. The included tips and techniques are proven modern approaches with a focus on results. Artist and crafter contributor interviews offer first hand advice about what works and what doesn't. Learn a variety of ways to sell online including popular marketplaces like selling on Etsy, Ebay, and Originl.com. Explore how to effectively use social media networks including Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with potential buyers and grow your brand. Learn to sell crafts online, learn to sell art online, and learn the importance of blogging and a blended approach to marketing for entrepreneurial success. Easy to reference resource directories are included for recommended software tools, supply sources and websites to assist with your new home based business venture.