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Playtime: Starter: Class Audio CD (аудиокурс на CD)

Playtime: Starter: Class Audio CD (аудиокурс на CD)

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1. The Playtime Class Book appeals to all styles of learning, embodied in the four playful, child characters - Rocket, Twig, Star and Melody.
2. The teacher is provided with the widest variety of flexible components in a pre school course, including DVDs.
3. Children are introduced to each story by a friendly monkey puppet who guides their repeated contact with the language through memorable songs, story songs, digital classroom resources and craft-based activities.
4. The cross-curricular approach helps learners explore their first experience of English through other subjects and see English in a real-life British context through photographs and DVD.
5. Parents and learners are supported by a website with additional practice and content - building on a child's learning in school at home.