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Many of us are caught in a disconnect between the vital faith we want to have and the same old, same old of words and messages we've heard and echoed all our lives. Kerry and Chris Shook say that the solution to that disconnect is a practical understanding of how the Gospel is to be lived out in our lives. On the one hand, being the Gospel is simple. As Chris Shook says, "You can do more than nothing." What does that look like for you? What are the things holding you back from a life of action, one that that lives out the Gospel? How do you begin to change so that yours can be a life of action not words? On the other hand, the call to a life of active faith is costly. Kerry Shook explores the biblical story of the rich young ruler and notes how he knew what the "words" of the Gospel were, he knew the commandments, he had the right theology. But Jesus called him to a Gospel of action--to give up his wealth to the poor. And the rich young man couldn't go there--he couldn't accept the cost. What does it cost you to be the Gospel in your world?