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Combining years of medical practice and cutting-edge research about metabolism, nutrition, and willpower, The Diet Fix exposes the thirteen myths of modern-day dieting that so often interfere with weight loss as well as dieting's seven deadly sins that so often lead to failures. Even more, he presents a program that will reshape the way people mentally and physically approach dieting. In just ten days, anyone will be able see and feel results from this positive new method. In addition to being a proven, stand-alone weight-loss program, The Diet Fix can also be applied in conjunction with any other diet, from Weight Watchers to Paleo to South Beach and more. Dr. Freedhoff provides detailed instructions for readers who want to reset their favorite weight-loss programs, turning them into the permanent success stories they were originally promised. This easy-to-use reset empowers dieters to navigate real life with a healthy, positive, and constructive attitude--one that will prevent them from slipping back into the negative patterns that destroy weight-management success.