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Dissertations and Project Reports: A Step by Step Guide

Dissertations and Project Reports: A Step by Step Guide

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Faced with your dissertation or major project and need some help getting started? Thinking about how your final project will affect your overall grades? Then read on.
Tapping into her tried and tested formula for learning, bestselling author of The Study Skills Handbook, Stella Cottrell, takes you step-by-step through the key stages of planning, developing, researching and writing up your dissertation or project report.
Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate, this guide:
- Offers comprehensive coverage of the major components essential to producing strong dissertations and project reports.
- Gives unique emphasis to the importance of project management skills.
- Gets you involved through interactive activities, checklists and engaging student examples.
Most importantly, it offers the support you need at every stage and will help ensure that the creation of your academic masterpiece is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.