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The Magic Hat and Other Danish Fairy Tales

The Magic Hat and Other Danish Fairy Tales

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Strange and wonderful things happen in these classic Danish fairy tales: a boy steals a magic hat from the trolls, giving him the power of invisibility. And when a beautiful young girl is thrown down a well by her evil stepmother, she meets some magical little people. In another story, a lovely little girl encounters a huge, scary serpent that turns into a handsome prince.
Told in simple, direct narratives handed down over generations by peasants, shepherds, fishermen, and other common folk, the stories in this collection are not merely whimsical tales of make-believe. Brimming with beauty, humor, and excitement, they illuminate such admirable qualities as strength, faith, loyalty, and endurance. For example, the young girl in "The Little Wild Duck" suffers terrible hardship but is rewarded at last for her goodness, while the boy in "The Magic Hat" learns a hard lesson about the price of dishonesty.
Perfect for reading by or to youngsters, the exotic settings and engaging characters of these tales will quickly become cherished favorites. Enhanced with five new illustrations by Marty Noble, this collection will charm and delight any lover of Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, and other classic fairy tales.

Издание на английском языке.