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Tokyo Style

Tokyo Style

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So you love sushi, sleep on a futon, drink green tea-why not take your Nippon-adoration one step further by infusing your surroundings with a few Japanese touches? The best place to start is this look book bursting with full-page color photographs of apartments, houses, and hotels throughout the city. Whether it's a high-rise apartment overlooking Tokyo, a boutique hotel, or a house made of fiberglass, each dwelling herein will awaken the Japanese spirit within you. For a real treat, why not sip a sake while you peruse the pages?
Highlights include:
- Plastic House by Kengo Kuma.
- Professor Nakamura's version of a Japanese literati retreat.
- Natural Stripes House by Masaki Endoh.
- Lost in Translation hotel Park Hyatt by Kenzo Tange.

Издание на английском языке.