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Else/Where: Mapping — New Cartographies of Networks and Territories

Else/Where: Mapping — New Cartographies of Networks and Territories

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ELSE/WHERE: MAPPING charts the ascendancy of mapping as a powerful interdisciplinary strategy, one that links people and places, data and organizations, and physical and virtual environments. Traditionally written by history's victors, maps are gaining new currency in our information-saturated age as a means of making arguments and processes visible. Mapping technologies today are as diverse as the agendas driving them: social networks are mapped with dynamic digital interfaces; buildings are mapped with lasers; cities and regions are mapped by satellite.

Illustrated with nearly 300 images, from archival woodcuts to Web-based maps and GPS drawings, ELSE/WHERE: MAPPING explores how cartographic techniques are being adapted to map the emerging landscapes of electronic communication. It showcases cutting-edge projects in graphic and industrial design, art, architecture, and technology by an international roster of writers, artists, and designers at the forefront of locative media practice.

ELSE/WHERE: MAPPING proposes—by visual example and written analysis—that mapping is a fundamental design process that increasingly shapes the physical and conceptual dimensions of contemporary society.