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Jewish Fairy Tales

Jewish Fairy Tales

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This captivating collection of nine authentic Jewish fairy tales is populated by angels, demons, goblins and an array of other awesome characters. Assembled and translated from the Talmud and a variety of other ancient sources, these delightful stories harken back to a time when religion and folk heroes were closely entwined.
In "The Princess and the Beggar," fate intervenes when a lovely young princess is forced by her father to live an isolated existence. The greedy king of "The Demon's Marriage" is tricked into wedding his daughter to the Son of Satan. And in "The MagicLeaf," a holy man is punished for meddling with the mysteries of life and death. These and other captivating fables from antiquity, enhanced with new illustrations by Sheilah Beckett, are sure to delight yet another generation of fairy tale enthusiasts.

Издание на английском языке.