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Spa Design

Spa Design

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Not too long ago, plain fitness rooms with a plethora of equipment were the epitome of wellness in hotels or studios. That is now a thing of the past. Today, day spas are the "place to be" when it comes to relaxation and regeneration. There are now standards that show where the difference is to a cosmetic salon in the classical sense. The basic components of a good spa are various saunas, a pool, at least two treatment rooms and a relaxation area that offers enough room so that guests do not disturb each other. The new day spa generation emphasizes therapeutic administrations such as, for example, ayurveda, yoga, floating pools or Tibetan singing bowl meditation, for which additional rooms are set up. Almost all newcomers are spread out over an area starting at 300 m2, offer places to relax in indoor and outdoor areas and often build a symbiosis with various types of swimming pools and thermal baths. In warmer climates, the spa owners like to offer various treatments outside: massage on a South Sea beach, a facial peeling on the spa terrace of a Spanish resort or meditation courses under Mexican palm trees - anything is possible.

The best day spas - in so far as they were not constructed as purely city spas - are components of holistic wellness and relaxation concepts, located in the most beautiful regions on Earth, with spacious guest rooms and suites, excellent cuisine, as well as discriminating design and interiors. A further characteristic of innovative spa complexes is design in the regional style and using customary construction elements - such as Moorish decor from the Middle East. What does the future hold in store? The magic words are "medical wellness" and means medical supervision in the spa centers. In addition to physical treatments, a special emphasis on prevention programs such as check-ups or nutrition consultation will be offered. In this book, "Spa Design", the reader will discover further proof of how multifaceted and individual spas can be.

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