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Amazing Layout Design

Amazing Layout Design

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Will traditional media such as paper books be washed away in the wave of digitization, in the same way that oracle bone scripts, bamboo and wooden slips, and parchment disappeared from history? The answer is yet to be known, and only time will tell. But one thing is sure: When we are holding a paper book in our hands and turning the first page, this unique experience - created by its palpable weight, the faint scent of the forest that bore it, its exquisite binding, beautiful images, and amazing layout - is definitely irreplaceable by digital media. Above all, the appeal of the layout proves to be the principal and most essential element. In order to bring about unparalleled reading experiences, designers have connected visual elements and reading content via editing and designing with an eye on details, including sizes, proportions, grids, fonts, colors and other elements of the layout, which ensures the efficiency of reading while kindling pleasant visual enjoyment. Additionally, in the context of the Information Age, today's layout designs have demonstrated even more diversified and innovative features based on the inheritance of traditional aesthetic principles.
This book includes more than 100 choice layout designs by excellent designers and design teams from across the world, presenting layout projects from print media such as magazines, newspapers, books, manuals, flyers, and posters, which are all complemented with numerous high definition images. All pieces included are the latest and most innovative layout designs from across the globe, exemplifying bold and novel styles that mirror the newest design trends and innovations of modem times. In addition to their varied styles, the layout designs in this book reveal multiple origins of the world's leading design teams' inspirations, as well as showcasing their design expertise. This wide selection of pioneering artworks is presented to offer designers, design companies, and design students inspirations for breaking through the restraints of traditional layout designs; these examples will expand their thinking and intellect, and provide a springboard for their creation of unique and extraordinary masterpieces.
Over the past few years, paper media hasn't sunken into a slump as was previously predicted, which gives testimony to readers' and publishers' faithful adherence to and constant favor of the printed page. Therefore, today's designers are expected to assume even more tremendous responsibilities than their forerunners. Designers, drawing on the examples in this book, will be able to recreate their layout designs in terms of content and do their part to constantly refresh print media and enrich readers' experiences.