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Atlantic Economic Cooperation: The Case of the OECD

Atlantic Economic Cooperation: The Case of the OECD

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It would be tempting to introduce this volume as an institutional study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), probably the first to be published by an outside observer. Such a claim, however, would promise too much to the student of international organization. At the same time, it would not do justice to the broader purpose of this work, which centers on the problems of international cooperation. The substance of the issues, though viewed in the framework of a specific organization, the OECD, thus takes precedence over the institutional detail.
Planned as the first of two books on Atlantic economic cooperation, the present study attempts to view the OECD as an instrument of collaboration in specific tasks. It focuses on the problems that the industrial countries of the West, and Japan as a partner and new OECD member, have to face together-questions too vast to be solved singlehandedly by any one country. This volume reviews these issues within the context of a body where virtually all problems converge.