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The Price of Peace: Stage 4 (+ 2 CD)

The Price of Peace: Stage 4 (+ 2 CD)

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Careful, Connie, please. Your little sister's eyes are looking angry. Look at the sudden lines around her mouth. Connie, a sister is a good thing. Even a younger sister. "Mercy, who are you going out with?"
Connie gets an answer to her question, but it is not the answer she wants to hear. And what is the price of peace between sisters?
Bookworms World Stories collect stories written in English from around the world. This volume has stories from Sierra Leone, Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria, by African writers Abioseh Nicol, Ken Lipenga, Ama Ata Aidoo, Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, and Sefi Atta.
Прилагаемые к изданию диски (CD) упакованы в специальный бумажный конверт и вложены внутрь книги.