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Developing a Competitive Pearl River Delta In South China Under One Country-Two Systems

Developing a Competitive Pearl River Delta In South China Under One Country-Two Systems

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The Greater Pearl River Delta in south China, with a population of 47 million, is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world and one of the fastest growing regions in China. This edited volume examines the economic, social, environmental, infrastructural, institutional, and legal issues of developing the Greater Pearl River Delta, including Hong Kong and Macao, into a competitive region under "One Country, Two Systems."

The Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong governments face a major challenge in developing the region, given its great disparity in wages and living standards. In the past, the region was mainly focused on one or two clearly defined central cities. Today, it is becoming increasingly polycentric with a number of former peripheral and rural areas developing into active economic centres in their own right, with resulting inter-city and cross-border competitive pressures and social problems. Globalization has made more acute the need for such regional cooperation between economies that are at very different levels of development and possess very different social, economic, political, and legal systems.

To meet this need, this book provides a comprehensive review of many important aspects of regional development in the Greater Pearl River Delta region under the "One Country Two Systems" principle, including its economic development, and examines how sustainable growth in terms of social equality, enhanced quality of life, better education, and employment opportunities for the people in the region can be achieved.

This book will be of great interest to those doing business in the Pearl River Delta, and in China more broadly. It is also of relevance to readers in China studies, development studies, economic development, geography, politics, sociology, environmental management, and regional development.