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Social Acceptance of Wind Energy in Azerbaijan

Social Acceptance of Wind Energy in Azerbaijan

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In Azerbaijan the depletion of natural resources in the medium and long run, the challenges imposed by the ongoing climate change, rising energy demand and the increasing tendency to use renewable energy resources in other countries requires available local resources to be used more efficiently and to bring an international experience to the country by adapting it to the local context. Azerbaijan’s high capacity of wind power can make it a leader in the region by using its potential more effectively if it responds to the challenges imposed by reducing natural resources and climate change. This research aims to thoroughly analyze the current situation in Azerbaijan in terms of the social acceptance of using wind energy resources by exploring international experiences, to identify major stakeholders’ positions, interests, opportunities and obstacles, as well as on how comprehensive strategies are established to achieve maximum support by a majority of stakeholders to introduce wind power applications.
Conducting Stakeholder Analysis, Exploring International Experience and National Perspectives