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Enhancement of Telecom Services in Rural Areas of India

Enhancement of Telecom Services in Rural Areas of India

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The mobile telecom industry has begun to consider ‘the next billion’ users while the markets all over the world approach saturation. These next billion users are the rural populations; India and China are prime examples with the opportunity of high rural masses. India not China will be the greatest contributor adding to 294million subscriptions, and an average of 8million wireless subscriber base per month. The huge rural digital divide between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural populace designate the increasing existing divide necessitated. In addition, a massive economy over 50% of India’s total GDP, almost same numbers of middle to high income households in rural areas with (21.16 m), as to (23.22 m) in urban India. Rural Indians are to pay for mobile services only around $3 per month as the cost base geared to the average revenue per user (ARPU) levels. India’s mobile telecom sector is to be enhanced according to the state commitments on an unequal access to communication, the huge population of over 720 million people in 630,000 villages across 3.2 million square miles waits for the services and the market that is still under penetrated.
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