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Neem Oil From Neem Seeds and Application

Neem Oil From Neem Seeds and Application

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The increasing use of chemical pesticide has made a great concern in agriculture as well as for the environment.This problem can be solved by implementation of green cultivation throughout the world.Use of Pesticide in various crops obtained from Neem Oil is an important method of green cultivation.This pesticide is environment friendly and work efficiently.There are more than hundred of active compounds found in Neem oil.These compounds make it active against pest.Neem Oil can be produced on large,medium and small scale in economically feasible way.Neem oil produced from every processes can be used for pesticide purpose.This book provides a complete account of manufacturing process,material balance,technology selection,mode of action of Neem oil on pest,method of preparing Neem oil spray,process control, process economics and safety aspects for establishing a Neem tree based technology for the production of Neem Oil to reduce the increasing use of conventional chemical pesticide all over the world.This book will be helpful for the people,who are very much interested in working with alternative pesticide;efficient,economically reliable but environment friendly.
Reduction hazards of conventional pesticides & improvement of pesticide quality with Neem oil for green cultivation