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Accumulation of Research

Accumulation of Research

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The book accumulates some of my research publications in diverse fields like Electronics, Algorithm, Musical Rhythms, Control and Robotics. The publications are based on various projects which I have experimented during my last five years of study. Some of the projects were acted by my own cogitation and others are from various projects and assignments. The Bangla Clock was my first project which was designed and experimented successfully. The project was amazing and published in ICCIT 2005. Mathematical and Geometrical Analysis of Musical Rhythms was done as my BSc. thesis and published in ICICT 2007. After that I extended the work and proposed a novel classification system based on Multi-Polygonal model and published in ICCCE 2008 and ICCDA 2009. Unicode Searching Algorithm was developed by my own interest where a multilevel binary tree was designed. The other works including Mobile Robot, Wall Climbing Robot, control of Flexible Manipulator and Inverted Pendulum, Power Steering System were experimented as assignments during my course work in Masters. The review paper on Humanoid Systems was published in IJRA 2010 which was a part of my MSc. thesis work.
Electronics, Algorithm, Musical-Cadence, Control and Robotics