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Work at Plantations

Work at Plantations

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Unlike employment in agriculture, plantations are usually living-cum-working places where the planters have to provide cradle-to-grave welfare schemes which in the normal course are governmental functions. Despite of this fact the plantations are not attractive any more as a place for employment. They are isolated in their plantations, bound by low wages and poor working conditions. Their problems are rarely focused in newspapers or journals nor discussed at workers’ forums. Neither the mainstream labour union movement nor the government has given much importance to this section of the working class of our country. Therefore, it is a felt need to bring out the real conditions of labourers in plantations at which they are working and the labour welfare provisions extended to them. This book examines the problems faced by these labourers in plantations in terms of wages, working conditions, health status, their perception toward employment in plantations and the possible means of overcoming the issues they faced.
Understanding Sociology of Work