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Female Education and Family Planning

Female Education and Family Planning

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Since the International Conference on Population and Development in 1994, family planning has been prioritized in strategic plan in Cambodia. Though the contraceptive prevalence rate has increased for the last several years, it is still the lowest among Sub-Mekong Region countries. The significance of this book, therefore, aims to discuss two important dimensions of KAP (1) the educational background of women and knowledge of contraceptives and (2) the knowledge of contraceptive and its practice. The analysis shows that the female education is correlated with knowledge of family planning. However, the knowledge of family planning is less likely to be correlated with the practice. The knowledge of family planning would not be the only factor to encourage the practices. This book should help shed some light on the family planning perspective that female education contributes to the development of women''s autonomy in any situation, for example, knowledge of family planning and life skills. Lots of macro level studies supported that educated women have better knowledge, skill and social status. Therefore, female education is a factor to be considered in family planning policies.
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP)