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Communication and Conflict

Communication and Conflict

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Communication plays a major role in promoting and alleviating conflict. The source of conflict can often be traced back to a lack of communication or an inability to express who we are and what we desire. The communication media have immense importance in conflict resolution because they are the primary and only source of information regarding conflicts. If media or modern communication forms play their role at the right time, at the right situation and at the right place without any biasness then, every problem can be solved at ease. The role of media is expected to be constructive. Addressing this need, Communication and Conflict lays down theoretical foundations of the role of communication in conflict resolution. The study was done to observe how communication media is highlighting the conflict in general and the kind of role played by them for resolving the problem in an Indian province. Enriched by an illustrative case study of this north eastern state of India, the book may be a useful to study on the role of communication media in conflict situation.
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