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Agriculture Microbiology

Agriculture Microbiology

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A book on agriculture microbiology should include a study of the occurrence of microorganisms in the soil, their activities and their role in soil processes. It is this last phase which has been studied least and where the information available is far from satisfactory in explaining what is taking place in the soil. This is due largely to the limitations of the subject which depends for its advance on botany, zoology, bacteriology, chemistry,including biological and physical, and especially upon the advance of our understanding of the physical and chemical conditions of the soil. There are various kinds of audiences to which a book on soil micro-biology may appeal. There is the scientific farmer who may search for a better understanding of the processes taking place in the soil, those processes which control the growth of his crops and indirectly influence the growth of his animals. There is the agronomist, who is interested in the fundamental reactions controlling soil fertility.This book will be useful not only for students, teachers, and researchers but also for those interested in agriculture microbiology, plant pathology, ecology, environmental science, and agronomy.