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Comparing on Teacher Education in England and Pakistan

Comparing on Teacher Education in England and Pakistan

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The book provides a comparative analysis of the development of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Training in England and Pakistan, while utilising a six-dimensional framework for ITE. The research examines to what extent the initial teacher education and training programmes provide an adequate preparation for all the needs of the primary school teachers in England and Pakistan. An integral part of this exploration was the identification of particular aspects of an ITE programme which had a significant impact in enhancing: a) the effectiveness of the programme; and b) the overall quality.The second notable feature is that this study is a comparative one. The researcher chose two countries where initial teacher training programmes were being implemented, albeit in different ways. England and Pakistan are two contrasting countries from different global regions and having different cultural and social contexts. This is not a problem for comparison because the issue is whether they provide an adequate and enriching professional preparation for beginning teachers in their respective contexts.
National and International Educational Development