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Ghassemlou's ideas of democracy for Iran as a multi-nation country

Ghassemlou's ideas of democracy for Iran as a multi-nation country

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Until today, the relationship between the Persians and other nations in Iran has been very unbalanced, Independent of which governance form the country has had. The Kurds in Iran have fought for self-governance right many years. Now they believe they can realize this goal by democratizing Iran, while they believe that all Kurds are one nation. The problem statement for this task have been: What did democracy mean for Ghassemlou in theory and practice, and how Ghassemlou’s ideas about democracy can help us to democratize Iran? The main finding in this thesis is that Iran is a multi-national and multi-religious country ruled by an Islamic theocratic system, that Persians have great influence over it, and that consequently – in order to democratize Iran, the country first needs to remove this theocratic system, then can create a system that will help people to practice democracy. Such a system should bring up democratic personalities, by training in practising democracy, in which people will form organizations, have freedom of speech, tolerate differences, and grants people a great degree of self-governance trough a decentralized political system.
Self-determination right and democracy for the nations in Iran