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Kazakhstan oil economy

Kazakhstan oil economy

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The output of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the crisis and its socio-economic growth requires sustained investment in the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A full integration in the global economic system involves deep structural and technological changes in the economy, requiring an active and consistent policy in the field of oil and gas industry. Kazakhstan's economy was lucky in the fact that the last few years, the world economy was observed relative economic stability. The Asian crisis, which became, in fact, the first major test for the economy of Kazakhstan, in practice demonstrates the complexity and diversity of the modern economy. Today the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the major oil powers. Area of promising oil and gas bearing regions of the country is equal to 1 million 700 thousand km2, accounting for over 62% of its territory. On today opened more than 208 oil and gas fields.
Russian and Kazakhstan oil economy and energy trading with Turkey