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The DR-Congo war

The DR-Congo war

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has been engulfed in conflict for a very long time. The genesis of the current conflict that started in 1996 can be traced way back to the infamous Berlin Conference of 1884-1885. Since then all through the colonial period, at post-independence and up to date, the country is still struggling with war. There are very diverse vested interests that have lured many players to get into the conflict. These interests are represented by, but are not limited to: Multinational Corporations, Warlords and Nation States. Bi-polar politics of the Cold War also played a role in shaping the unfortunate history of the Congo. By using the Realist Theory of International Relations, the book discusses the various causes of the conflict. The book provides insights into the conflict in DRC and is helpful for students of Political Science and International Relations, Policy and other Decision Makers in the DRC, Civil Society Organizations and International Organizations working in the DRC and any other person who would like to have a grasp of the causes of the DRC conflict.
A galaxy of actors and vested interests