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Chronic Ulcers management by Nimbaadya Taila

Chronic Ulcers management by Nimbaadya Taila

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Dusta vranas (Chronic ulcers) are a frequently encountered problem in present era produced commonly as a complication of trauma or pathologic insult & it causes long term agony to the patient. The issue of chronic ulcers management with Ayurvedic panacea is one of the major areas of research & has come under increased scrutiny. In the present study Nimbaadya Taila is selected which is cited by Acharya Bhela in the context of vrana. It contains Nimba pallava, Aamra pallava, Aamalaki pallava, Bala, Yastimadhu & Gomaya rasa. These drugs possesss vrana shodhana and ropana properties.
Chronic ulcers management with traditional ayurvedic oil