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Hypertension lifestyle control practices and associated factors

Hypertension lifestyle control practices and associated factors

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A midst an underfunded public health system in subsaharan Africa, resulting in suboptimal detection and management of hypertension, cost effective measures like lifestyle modification that aim to improve the percentage of patients whose blood pressure is optimally controlled is important. The World Health Organization Hypertension Guidelines recommend lifestyle changes in all hypertensive patients. However, such modifications remain difficult to implement. While there are attempts to treat hypertension in Uganda with some emphasis put on lifestyle modification, scientific evidence on the current life style modification practices among hypertensive patients and factors associated are largely unknown. It is possible to prevent the development of hypertension and to lower elevated blood pressure levels by simply adopting a healthy lifestyle. Given the instrumental benefits accorded to it as a non-pharmacological modality. Hence it is only imperative to establish a better understanding of factors associated with practices of hypertensive patients regarding lifestyle modification.