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Brahmi Ghrita (Sneha kalpana) in Mental Disorders

Brahmi Ghrita (Sneha kalpana) in Mental Disorders

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Brahmi ghrita was an important formulation used for treatment of mental disorders mentioned in Ayurveda system of medicine (one of the oldest medical system).It contain Bacopa monnieri, Convolvulus pluricaulis,Saussurea lappa, Acorus calamus and old clarified butter. It was prepared by one of unique pharmaceutical process mentioned in Ayurveda i.e. Sneha kalpana. Pharmaceutical and analytical standardization of it was done as per standard protocol mentioned in Ayurveda and tried to used modern scientific parameter for it. It pharmacological activity like nontropical and anti amnesic activity against scopolamine was evaluated by Elevated maze plus, Passive avoidance and active avoidance models. it was found that Brahmi Ghrita have significant positive activity in all models. All ingredient of it have potent effect on Nontropical and anti amnesic activity except Saussurea lappa which has potent anti inflammatory activity. Action of Brahmi Ghrita may be due to synergistic activity of all ingredient used in it.