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Education for Health: the Libyan Model

Education for Health: the Libyan Model

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This book presents the international expertise views on health, health promotion and health education. The World Health Organisation and other global initiatives and actions towards the promotion of health are addressed. Relevant theories, models and approaches are discussed. Importance of the general public participation in the evaluation of the existing programmes and in the assessment of future needs is highlighted. Current health education programmes and activities in the Libyan Arab Jamahiria, as a developing country model, are described. A combined assessment of the service users and providers is presented and thoroughly analysed. Such model of evaluation and assessment has been proved to be effective. A wider positive vision, for a brighter future of health education, towards promoting the health of the nation is suggested. An extensive utilisation of school-based health education and promotion programmes is strongly recommended.
Analysis of Existing Libyan Health Education Interventions and a Call for a More Holistic Approach