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Osteoarthritis & an ayurvedic approach (Basti karma)

Osteoarthritis & an ayurvedic approach (Basti karma)

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The current book entitled "An ayurvedic approach in the management of osteoarthritis" is a clinical research on ayurvedic procedure Basti Karma along with all the aspects of osteoarthritis including modern and ayurveda literatures. It provides a proper management in the direction of ayurveda where all allopathic medicines are almost failed to improve the lifestyle of a sufferer.It is the ayurveda who created all the system of medicine and people are influencing to the better side of ayurveda. By this book, I'ld like to say that in osteoarthritis it would be a better option to acquire ayurvedic measures like oleation therapy, sudation therapy as well as purificatory measures like Basti therapy. These help to improve the lifestyle as well as have no side effects.