Full-Spectrum   Antioxidant Therapy

Full-Spectrum Antioxidant Therapy

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Full-Spectrum Antioxidant Therapy sets forth a comprehensive strategy for controlling the contribution of oxidative stress to pathology and aging, employing primarily foods and nutraceuticals that are currently available. Unlike traditional approaches which emphasize oxidant scavenging, this approach is rooted in measures which prevent the excessive generation of superoxide: spirulina, whose chromophore phycocyanobilin can inhibit NADPH oxidase complexes, mimicking bilirubin’s physiological role in this regard; astaxanthin, which helps to prevent mitochondrial superoxide overproduction by protecting the integrity of the mitochondrial inner membrane; and high-dose folate, which suppresses uncoupling of nitric oxide synthase by efficiently scavenging peroxynitrite-derived radicals. Complementary measures to support cellular mechanisms for oxidant control – phase 2 inducers, melatonin, N-acetylcysteine – are also recommended. Other pertinent topics touched on include inosine, coenzyme Q10, gamma-tocopherol, green tea catechins, carotenoids, selenium, taurine, potassium, glycine, and control of body iron stores. With over a thousand citations of the biomedical literature.
Minimizing the Contribution of Oxidative Stress to Disease and Aging