Processing of  Nux-vomica in Indian System of Medicine

Processing of Nux-vomica in Indian System of Medicine

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Strychnos nux-vomica Linn.(Loganiaceae) commonly known as Nux-vomica (Kupeelu), is a poisonous plant and its seeds are used widely in Ayurvedic system of medicine since time immemorial. Certain compound formulations containing Kupeelu are also well practiced in Homeopathy and Unani System of Medicine. Ayurveda strictly recommend the use of this drug in therapeutics only after proper Shodhana (purificatury procedure) through some specific media like cow’s urine (Go mutra), cow’s milk (Go dugdha), cow’s ghee (Go ghrita), Kanji (thin gruel), castor oil (Eranda taila) and fresh ginger juice (Ardraka swarasa) etc., which either have been reported in different classical texts of Ayurveda or practiced by traditional physicians (Vaidyas or Hakims) in different parts of India. Keeping this fact in mind, an attempt has been made in the present study to evaluate the impact of Shodhana on Kupeelu seeds by reducing the toxic alkaloids strychnine & brucine.
Shodhana of Kupeelu (S. nux-vomica) - An unique concept of Ayurveda to enhance its safety & efficacy