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Stature Estimation by Anthropometry of Inter-Acromial Length

Stature Estimation by Anthropometry of Inter-Acromial Length

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Anthropology is a field of science that deals with study of history of humans from their earliest beginnings on earth upto the present time. Forensic anthropology is the Application of anthropologic knowledge and techniques in a legal context. This involves detailed knowledge of osteology to aid in the identification and cause of death from skeletal remains.Out of various parameters of identification like assessment of age, determination of sex, estimation of stature forms important criteria for establishing individuality of the person and requires special attention in cases where bodies are found in mutilated state or only fragmentary remains are discovered.The forensic anthropologist uses the skills and techniques learned in the study of prehistoric skeletal population and applies this knowledge for establishing the age, sex, race or ancestry, stature. In situations where the corpse is severely mutilated, decomposed and deformed or represented by skeletal remains only, the stature of the individual may be estimated by means of skeletal measurements. Such estimation is based on the relations between skeletal parts and stature.
Identification is an individual’s birth right