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Management of asthenozoospermia with ayurveda

Management of asthenozoospermia with ayurveda

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‘Asthenozoospermia’ a reduced motility is considered as one of the major causative factor for the infertility in males. Because if sperms are available in sufficient quantity but they are immotile, such sperms are unable to reach the site of fertilization & patients become infertile. The various drugs available for Asthenozoospermia in modern medicine are hormonal which has many side effects. The whole world sees towards Ayurveda with ray of hope for successful treatment. Keeping the limitation of modern medicine in mind, I had decided to work on Asthenozoospermia. Ayurveda has described many things regarding production, function & characteristics of the reproductive elements in the males. Concept of fertility, androgens, sperms and many other aspects of reproduction are elaborately described in Ayurveda. ‘Shukra’ is one of the basic factors required for initiation of life as ‘Garbha’. This book therefore provides complete information on Asthenozoospermia, Sperm abnormalities, detailed literature, references of shukra dhatu & their treatment protocols available in Ayurveda. This book is useful for the academia, Researchers, clinical practitioners & post graduate students.
A male fertility guide